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ABT Auto Body Technicians has been serving Canberra's motorists since 1988. We are proud of and consistently strive to provide exceptional customer satisfaction through our excellent customer service and quality repairs. ABT Auto Body Technicians is one of the most dependable and reputable smash repairers in the Northside who is here for all your collision work, including private, fleet, commercial and insurance work .



Why should you get your vehicle repaired at auto body technicians;

Because we take pride in our work
Because we use modern equipment
Because we ensure the repair process is simple and our clients
are inconvenienced as little as possible.
Because we have highly trained and motivated technicians.
Because we repair all vehicles makes and models.

Our Location
25 Winchcombe Court Mitchell ACT 2911

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Smash Repairs

At ABT Auto Body Technicians we take pride in our workmanship from the very beginning of repairs to the completion when our valued clients collects their vehicle.

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Commence the Repair Process

Bring your vehicle and claim number in and we will take images of your vehicle (in most cases this process will take up to 15 minutes). We will then organise the process from there.
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