Smash Repairs

We use state of the art technology and equipment. All of our products and paints are of premium quality and repairs are performed by skilled technicians.

We have a major commitment to quality control and complete both pre and post repair checklists on the vehicles. We are a small business and proud of it, we believe this gives us the advantage of being able to monitor
standards of work closely.

ABT Auto Body Technicians carry out repairs for all major insurance companies. Read More

Quoting and Assessing

Call us on
02 62413801
and make an appointment
for a quote.

If your vehicle is drivable bring it and your claim number in and we will take digital images of the damage. (in most cases this process will take less than 15 minutes).  Auto Body Technicians will then coordinate the process from there.

Once we have the digital images and client details we prepare an itemised quote on our specialist quoting package and forward it to the relevant insurance company.

Once the insurance company has assessed the quote they will forward us an insurance authority, and we will  book your vehicle in a mutually convenient time for repairs. Prior to your vehicle arriving we will have all parts and sublets organised as this will limit the time your vehicle is off the road. 

The same process is used for non-drivable vehicles but obviously we are unable to pre-order parts prior to vehicle coming into our repair shop.

If an onsite assessment is required for a drivable vehicle you will be able to leave your car to be assessed and repaired all in one process.

We take pride in having 90% of our vehicles completed as per the agreed client/repairer timeframes. The remaining 10% is normally due to additional damage and parts requirements.

Throughout the repair process we will keep you informed if there are any unforeseen problems which may arise helping to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Bookings can be made by contacting our office or on-line through our website quote page.


Vehicle Spray Painting
We maintain the highest standards of vehicle painting. We have state of the art equipment with a highly specialised Paint Equipment. ABT Auto Body Technicians employ only highly skilled paint technicians who demonstrate unique talent in the preparation and application of our top class Sikkens paint system. We always maintain the highest standard of vehicle painting.
ABT Auto Body Technicians use the industry leading Sikkens Refinishing System.


Fleet Company Repairs
ABT Auto Body Technicians have extensive experience dealing with Fleet Management Companies. We understand that your vehicles are your business and that minimal downtime is a priority. We have been the primary repairer for Innovation, a major fleet company for over 10 years. We understand the specific needs of fleet clients and ensure we have processes in place to meet those needs.


Paintless Dent Removal

Vehicles are often damaged by hail or light impact, leaving small dents that can be repaired by using the paintless dent repair system. This cost saving process can remove the damage without the necessity of repainting the affected area.
No More Dents. Phone: 0403 906 258


Towing Vehicles

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and you have decided to have your vehicle repaired at our Mitchell workshop. We have long existing relationships with our preferred professional towing sub-contractor, Absolute Towing - 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year. Phone: 0409 304 351


Windscreen Replacement

ABT Auto Body Technicians offers a complete windscreen replacement service to replace your damaged windscreen. This service is available via outsourcing to our preferred windscreen repairer. Auto Windscreen Service Phone: 0419 214 722



Wheel Repairs

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and you have decided to have your vehicle repaired at our Mitchell workshop we will be happy to provide you with wheel repairs via Wicked Wheels Phone: 0407 051 892